Handmade By Susan

Handmade By Susan

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, I move to a bigger place in 2 weeks...and I am packing away. I see with over 15 large boxes of craft supplies and more to pack, I have too much...So as of today, I am on a buying freeze and challenging myself to use what I have BEFORE buying. I keep saying this I know...so I was thinking of putting challenges into action instead of just what I wish I could do. So after my place is set up, I will develop a challenge calendar and start...maybe even a couple ustream challenge chats...

I am also concerned with my health, I have been so stressed with school and ended up in the ER with high blood pressure. So after this semester I am taking off for a while. My concern is student loan repayments, so i will be trying to use my creativity to help that. So there is more crafting to come and preparing for fall craft shows!

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