Handmade By Susan

Handmade By Susan

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My First Canvas

What can I say I Love Art!! I wanted to try painting for quite sometime. My friend bought a condo and talked about needing wall art so I saw a perfect opportunity! This canvas was covered in liquitex sand medium.. Then I used Martha Stewart paints to do the blue ombré finish. I loved the result and so did he :)

REpurposed School Uniform

My dear friend had an out grown private school uniform dress… She wanted matching hair things and wala I whipped up 9 headbands, 2bows and 2 pony streamers.. I love how they turned out!


Furniture Refinishing

I started another hobby! I love making old or not so fashionable pieces into beautiful furniture in my home. Project number one was an old computer table.. The paint was so bad it scratching off! So I sanded and painted the first coat in black (from home depot ) then I mixed a coat of black paint, plaster of Paris and water to make a grey white wash.. When try I distressed the edges with sand paper and added a coat of wax.
The second project I bought on super clearance at target. It was a mustard yellow– yuck! It had some dings I just used the power sander and it was ready to paint. I painted black.. Distressed the edges and waxed.. I love the new look!!