Handmade By Susan

Handmade By Susan

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Simple Life Mini Album, Card, Christmas and New Years Resolutions

Exciting news! I made the Deans List 3.94!!! With that being said, I have been one busy gal...I am taking sometime to create and relax..I made the following paper bag mini album using Michaels paper bags and Basic Grey's Green at Heart collection. These are pictures of a summer family get together for my daughters 4th birthday in 2006. I love how it turned out!

All the tags in this mini!

Christian card, using verve stamps

My mom got me the Winter Frolic cricut cartidge I have been wanting--yeah! I am getting addicted to my cricut...I am starting to save for the Gypsy and the Expression (I love my baby bug but I cant cut certain sizes)
Gold embossed tags I will be using in a future mini to come!!!!

All my started projects I am setting a goal to finish in 2011...
I saw Kathryn's post on started projects over here. I am inspired and feel good that I am not the only one lol! I start things and move on to another project when I lose inspiration or have a new idea...time to finish and clean house. I am outgrowing my apartment. Below are pictures of bins of half projects ( I have 2 rubbermaids in my closet, too) sick!

2010 Achievements:
Dropped 50 pounds!
Ran my first 5k with my family and my 68 year old dad!
Made the Dean's List twice!
My daughter and I exercise together
Working with the MS Society my church gained a $100,000 grant to help more people
I became a volunteer cheer coach for 8 and 9 year olds--so much fun and my daughter loves it!
Got a promotion in my quality department
Lost a few friends :( but gained more positive friends in the process
 and some remained ever so special to me :)

2011 Goals:
Drop more weight
run at least 2 more 5k's and have my daughter join me
Take my daughter to Walt Disney World
continue to volunteer in the community
show more appreciate to the great people in my love
eliminate half done project bins
finish projects completly before starting a new one (at least not allowing more than one bin of half done projects)
adapt a more minimalistic lifestyle by decluttering
complete home fix it projects including my printer

Ok I really dont like resolutions because they hardly work for me, I simply set goals whenever and it works better for me...I make them achievable with a timeframe...here is a personal success of mine. july 29, 2010 I had an appointment to start a process for gastric bypass surgery. I had tried every diet and no luck...I was on blood pressure meds, chiropractor weekly and tired all the time...I met with the doctor and got all the facts. I left that office and read all the side effects. I was emotional and simply prayed. After that something came over me I said, "Sue you are 30 years old, and really have been healthy just not managing very well, you can do this without surgery" I said ok, let me give it one last try, I said if I can try my best and lose 10 lbs by the end of August I wont have surgery. By August 17th I lost the 10 lbs....I worked out daily, switched my diet to a healthy diet whole wheats, no fast food and cut most of the coffee. I got off blood pressure meds that month! I havent need the chiropractor but every few months not weekly! Now 5 months later I am 55 lbs smaller, look and feel great and have done things I always thought i couldnt. My self esteem has dramatically changed from no I cant do that to anything is possible. I still have weight to lose and I know I will do it, my goal is healthy and happy. No fad diets or crazy exercise plans, just a change in mind...I know 2011 will be awesome and I wish all my readers a blessed healthy 2011!

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