Handmade By Susan

Handmade By Susan

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

I set some personal goals on my other blog http://sweetandsassysusie.blogspot.com/, I need to add some scrap goals on my scrappy blog.....

  1. I will write a list prior to going to the store and try to just stick to that list, or set a $$ amount for extras, like I am going to allow $5.00 for extra finds and thats it. I find I accumulate too much "cute findings" and get home and have no coordinates or dont use them. Or I find a deal and stock up and have way to much of one paper line and get bored.
  2. I will use up or get rid of my old stash, I have so much from way back in 2003! I hear stickers go bad so its time to use em up or get rid of. I tend to use other accents than stickers anymore, I was a sticker queen before!
  3. I will save money on buying the extras so I can save for a cricut expression, I really want one. I am short on cash and space, so I need to clean out and save!
  4. I will finish one project prior to starting the next, I must have 20 half completed projects...I get easily bored or a scrappers block and I start another project....No more!
  5. I have to stop stocking up on deals, I must have 20 packs of thickers because they were $2.00 at big lots this summer....I know eventually I will use them but I am short on space so I need to stop, its a sickness really!
  6. No more swaps, I have put some major effort to make sure I hold to my commitment and that waht I send is a nice gift. I have been in three this year and got burned everytime--I am jinxed or something! The first one I got 2 months late and it looked like they just threw it together, the kit swap still has not come from november and the halloween swap I spent hours making something I would love and nothing on return. I would rather spend the time and money on my own stuff!
Ok thats all I can think of now, besides if I try to set to many goals, none of them get completed. Sooo baby steps, first change is the grocery list to the crafts store.....

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